Families come from different parts of Canada and even overseas, and at this difficult time when they are caring and worried for a critically ill child or children, holiday shopping is the last thing on their minds, let alone the expense and financial strain that holidays may present. Parents are pre-occupied with frequent daily trips to the hospital and making life saving medical decisions and procedures that can turn into weeks and even months while their child/ren are in hospital. Although we can not take away their daily stresses during this time, we speak from lived experience when we say these gifts will lighten the burden for parents in providing for the child that is in hospital as well as their siblings who are equally impacted by the illness.


The Adornable give back venture was inspired by my family’s own experience during an extremely high risk pregnancy in 2018 / 2019. I was unwell and on bed rest not long after we found out I was pregnant with identical twins and was in and out of hospital.   At 22 weeks, I underwent an inversive surgery when it was discovered that our girls were experiencing twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS). The procedure to cauterize the blood vessels that they shared went well ,however there was the risk that I could go into premature labour and or lose one or both of them.


Our girls were born prematurely at 26 weeks, and for a while the prognosis was not encouraging but the amazing team of expects at Mt Sinai saw us through and never gave up on our girls. The twins were at the Mt. Sinai NICU for 2 months while I stayed at RMH. My family travelled for 3.5 hours each way Friday to Sunday every weekend during my hospital stay and for 2 months postpartum while the twins were in the NICU without fail, with my 3 year old who was not taking being away from me very well. The twins were later transferred to our local community hospital where they stayed for an additional 1 month.


Now, Zahra and Zahara just turned 1 and they are just perfect, fun, funny, beautiful, smart and meeting all their growth and development milestones. I can not thank Dr Greg Ryan and his High Risk Infant Team at Mt. Sinai NICU and the amazing RHM for what they did for me and my family. We will forever be grateful.


Both the hospital and RMH provided my family with Christmas gifts. RMH turns the family gymnasium into a gift room for families to go and free shop for their children. The out pouring of gifts and generosity from businesses, organizations and individuals was heart-warming and humbling.


We encourage you to make a donation today and help us light up the smilies on families this Christmas.