Princess Seinya Satin Pillow case

Princess Seinya Satin Pillow case

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We all know bonnets don't always stay on our little one's heads no matter how much we try to keep them on. It is essential to try to keep our hair moisturized and hydrated even during our sleep. Our Princess satin pillowcase does just that and more. With the Sweet Dream poem by Sli Dube that reads"

I hope your dreams take you to the highest point of joy

I hope they reach the clouds so you can taste its cotton candy sweetness

I hope you get to slide down the rainbow and land into a pit of glittery sparkles

I hope you dance with butterflies to the rhythm of birds singing

So close your eyes, give thanks, and let your thoughts transport you to your happiest place where

sweet dreams really do come true." complemented by the beautiful Princess, your child is sure to have a goodnight's rest. 

20 in x 30 in (50.8 cm x 76.2 cm)

100% Satin